Aaron Sherman wrote:
Ok, so log and log10:

         multi sub Math::Basic::log (: Num ?$x = $CALLER::_, Num +$base);
         &log10<> := &log<>.assuming:base(10);

Sorry, I don't want to interfere but two nit-pickings from me:

1) It's &log10:() and &log:(: Num ?$, Num +$) these days, isn't it?
   And I'm unsure about the meaning of the first. And shouldn't you
   use the ::= operator?

2) More important: isn't the multi without invocants useless
   or even outright wrong? Or shall it indicate an undispatched,
   compile-time, declaration-based, overloaded function ala C++?
   Does such a thing exist in Perl6?

TSa (Thomas Sandla▀)

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