because I see some people struggle to get things like GHC working, and
then to get make and a compiler working, and because some people have
limited bandwidth which makes big svn updates a less pleasant
experience, and for other reasons, I decided to have my company,
Convolution, sponsor a shell server.

It will be a simple server, with an Intel main board, a Pentium 4 2.4
GHz CPU, 1024 MB of RAM and 80 GB of mirrored (raid1) diskspace.

On the software side, there will be Debian GNU/Linux "Sid", with all
software required to compile Parrot and Pugs installed. Using Apache,
users can publish files for http access.

Twistspace, a Dutch colocation provider, is so kind to sponsor rackspace
and connectivity.

My current estimate is that the machine will be online and accessible by
the end of this week.

Everyone who wants, can get a login. Access is provided via SSH version
2 only (Windows users can use PuTTY and WinSCP), and the box may be used
for everything that improves Perl 6 development. Users are encouraged to
keep files world readable for transparency.

If you want access, please let me know. I will send you a temporary
password by e-mail, that I expect you to change the first time you get
the chance.

Please let me know which software you want installed. If it's in Debian
and doesn't conflict with other software, you can have it (but no X or
openoffice, or the like). If it's not in Debian, you'll have to compile
it yourself.

The box won't have an SVN mirror unless someone puts it there. There
won't be a smoke test unless someone writes the script. It's a community
machine, and users are expected to fill in the details.

Also, this new machine needs a hostname. Please help me think of a cute
name! I prefer a short hostname with less than 9 letters.

I have sent this message to perl6-language and perl6-compiler. Please CC
replies back to me if you read it on p6c, because I'm not subscribed to
that list.



P.S. No guarantees of any kind are made. If I turn BOFHish one day, you
may find your account removed just because I liked it :)

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