BÁRTHÁZI András skribis 2005-05-23 17:40 (+0200):
> I think, the cute name can be about animals. A camel and a parrot are in 
> my mind.

Parrot can't be, because that's also the name of one of the projects,
and I want to avoid confusion.

Camel -- sorry, but years of Perl still haven't convinced me they are
cute animals :) Besides, it feels wrong to see a camel in Perl context
without the text "used with permission". (Even though that is only
required with images)

> Or what about camelseeks.org/perlseeks.org? It sounds like camel6 and 
> perl6.

The domain already exists, but if you want to register additional
domains, go right ahead. Ask me for DNS information later.


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