Thomas Klausner skribis 2005-05-23 18:03 (+0200):
> While I will inform everyone what they need, I'm sure quite a lot
> people will show up without a fresh checkout of the various
> repositories. So if I can get a number of dummy accounts (to be
> deleted after the event) that would be great!

hackathon1..hackathon9, or do you need more?

> BTW, will all users on this machine share one svn working copy or is
> everyone supposed to to his/her own checkout? Or is this one of the things
> someone should organise?

There may be a local mirror to minimize bandwidth (if someone arranges
this to happen), but every uses should have their own working copy,
because otherwise versioning systems don't work too well: you would be
committing someone else's changes, for which you don't know a good log
entry, and the logs no longer show the correct user names.


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