Roger Hale skribis 2005-05-24  6:02 (-0400):
> I would like an account, name 'spinclad'.


> The need for svn, ghc and such has finally pushed me to upgrade my home 
> debian box to sarge, and I'm still looking for a package with ghc6.4, or 
> the tuits to build one myself.

Get ghc-cvs from sid. Don't use sarge if you want to use recent

> I like onion, too... maybe 'geode' later, when perl6 has been cast in 
> stone.  (Though then we wouldn't need a dev server...)

Unfortunately, onion is already taken by another important Perl server:

I'm currently considering 'ui', which is Dutch for 'onion'. I bet almost
nobody here knows how to pronounce ui ;)


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