On Tue, May 31, 2005 at 09:23:11AM -0400, Nathan Gray wrote:
> As I am interested in human-readable dates and times, and having found
> no conclusive discussion on time formatting, I make my recommendation
> for a syntax (to start discussion, and allow for date formatting to be
> implemented in pugs):
> I would like for time() to return an object, which in numeric context is
> the number of seconds from the epoch (the new epoch, of course), and
> which in string context is a human-readable string.  We could also use
> localtime(), and leave time() alone.

Just a friendly note that since this is a language design issue 
(as opposed to an implementation one) this thread likely belongs 
only on perl6-language and not on perl6-compiler.  I'm just trying
to keep the traffic on the lists at a reasonable volume ... :-)

Followups to p6l, please, unless there's an obvious reason why they
need to be on p6c.


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