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: It's a funny old world...
: wrote Dan Sugalski on June 04, 2005 in his Squawks of the Parrot blog.
: Go and see: <>.
: : Hence the subject. : : What the heck is wrong with Parrot development?

I can't comment on aspects I am in all likelihood blind to, but I'll
be glad to point out that one of the most *irritating* problems
is people who snipe from the sidelines without having earned the
right to do so by contributing.  Dan has earned the right to carp,
and deserves our respect for refusing to vent (much) in public, but
anonymous cowards are generally just interested in making trouble
without being held accountable.  Feel free to prove otherwise.
With all respect, I think this is a very important thing which needs attention, and I hope that you will help us to clarify the situation. I am pretty sure Dan did not leave because he had a bad day - we know he is a much more serious person. I also think that the community does not ask you to tell us what is happening - your mind is worth more than that to us :-) However, it is vital to know if there were issues that should worry us. I hope someone will come forth and talk about these underlying problems most of us do not know about - and then your role, if you accepted it, could be to tell us if that brave person is authentic or not.

Of course it would be best if this person were Dan himself, but I (hope that I) understand his motives, so if he choses not to tell, let it be that way, he has indeed earned the right do do so. I know noone asked *my* opinion, and obviously I have no right to make any waves here, but what I can say is if there were personal problems that led to this parting - I mean the "anonymous cowards" you mentioned -, while that is *very-very* bad and sad, it still sounds better to me than, say, knowing that Parrot development might fall into the hands of those who will scr*w it up. Apart from the tremendous amount of work and enthusiasm that went into creating Perl6/Pugs/Parrot, business decisions will be (if not are being) made on the (predicted) success of Perl6.

I have many things to worry about - it goes with working in IT. Please someone let me know if there is one more unpredictable thing in the future or not :-)

- Fagzal

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