Just wanted to say the same. All my questions starting as "How to..." and "Is this..." are just to trivial to ask here :)

OTOH as there is no "global" Perl5 list (AFAIK, at least), these things should go to the "regional" mail-lists - later on. However, at this phase of develpment of Perl6/Pugs/Parrot/Andtherest, we would just overload those who are not (yet) interested in Perl6 with a continuous fear of getting Warnocked ;)


- Fagzal


I would have some general Perl6 programming questions. Where should I ask them? It's not about language design, not about compiling/compilers and even not related to the internals.

As more and more people will start hacking Perl6, I think, that it would be useful to having a list for this.

In this particular case, I would like to ask about creating a langugage construct (maybe there's a desgin pattern for it, maybe not) for a web templating system can be expanded by the user.


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