Thomas Klausner wrote:
> my $string=<a b c> >>~<< <1 2 3>;
> say $string;
> # prints a1 b2 c3
> But where do the spaces in the second example come from?

the spaces come from the stringification of lists/arrays:

  my @array = <a b c d>;
  say [EMAIL PROTECTED];            # "a b c d"

You can use
  say [~] @array;         # "abcd"   or
  say @array.join("");    # "abcd"   or
  say join "", @array;    # "abcd"
if you want to supress the spaces.

And you could override this by doing something like:
  class MyArray is Array {
    method *prefix:<~> (@self: ) { [~] @self }

  my @array is MyArray = <a b c d>;
  say [EMAIL PROTECTED];            # "abcd"


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