On Jun 18, 2005, at 9:24 PM, Damian Conway wrote:

chromatic wrote:

I find it ugly enough that I plan to name my invocants explicitly.

...which should be construed as a *feature* of the current syntax. ;-)


In that case, why do we have this feature?

Seriously. Are default invocants really such a good idea? At least, do they need to be there in 6.0.0? Do they need to be supported in the core engine, or could they be pushed out to a module?

I guess that as long as we're arguing the color, we might as well argue the location of the bikeshed.

All that said, I still agree with John... './' does not look like method call syntax to me. But, whatever. I suppose I'll get used to this, along with all the other things that have given me the heebie- jeebies so far. :/


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