On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 11:41:23AM -0500, Dave Rolsky wrote:
> >Regarding Time::Local fields, it's an object now, so the order of things
> Should that be Time::localtime?  In P5 there are Time::localtime & 
> Time::gmtime, which are thin OO facades over the language builtins.  Then 
> there's the module Time::Local, which is entirely different.
Hmm, I agree. I used Time::Local because that's what the draft Synopsis
put them in, but Time is a better fit.

> All of those provide useful functionality, and probably Time::Local should 
> be part of the language, _or_ localtime & gmtime should be in a library.

Not my call, but I think we can add timelocal and timegm soon. They're
mostly cleverly-caching facades to Time.new anyway, no? Drop by on #perl6
if you want to hack on the Prelude side of this.


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