Darren Duncan wrote:
I should emphasize that I never expected to be able to send any type of ASTs over the pipe to the database. They would still be interpreted by the database driver for Perl and/or a wrapper thereon, into the database native format. Its just that, to an application, it would appear that the ASTs were going over the pipe, as to their effect, even though they weren't behind the scenes.

Indeed.  I think the principle "bug" to "fix" is getting away from this
notion that all you need to do is do a little bit of template-based
query building, use the DBI and magically expect all database portability
problems to go away.

And then, recommend an approach that *is* portable.  Take your excellent
Rosetta infrastructure, pull the API to pieces, simplify the
documentation, then condone it as another simple and effective way to
write new database driven applications.  And hopefully simplify the DBDs
that necessarily need to do SQL parsing along the way.

So, everyone who is still happy to code to a particular database's SQL
language can continue to do so, but we'll eventually move the Cargo Cult
away from the situation we're in today where there is a vague promise of
portability but so many caveats that it's practically impossible to
write portable code.


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