On Tue, 12 Jul 2005, Larry Wall wrote:

Good, I'd forgotten about that.  Which means that it's even harder
for someone to compile a module in a "strange" dialect, since they'd
essentially have to write their own version of "use" that forces
recompilation ("reuse", if you will).  And the harder we make it to
write "reuse", the better.

IIUC this will introduce a certain degree of asymmetry though, in that in some sense p6 will be extremely generous in giving users the ability to use whatever dialect/syntax modification they like in their programs but just at the same time it will try to make it hard for them to do so when refactoring code into suitable modules. Ain't it so?

Either of these mechanisms should be available in IE (after sacrificing a suitable animal to XP SP2, I suppose).
- Alan J. Flavell in clpmisc, "Re: character encoding in CGI.pm"

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