On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 12:55:26PM -0400, Nathan Gray wrote:
: So long as .foo (pretty please) means $_.foo all the time (with sugar on
: top?).

It means that all the time, but only when unambiguous.  If you say

    use dot;

it'll always be construed as unambigous.  You could go so far as to

    method foo($x) {
        my $y = .bar;   # $_ is self call because $_ := $?SELF

        given $y { use dot;     # "yes I know what I'm doing"
            when 1 { .abc }     # calls $y.abc
            when 2 { .bcd }     # calls $y.bcd

        .baz;           # back to self.baz

It's a little klunky but does localize the override rather visibly.
Doubtless people will generally put the "use dot" at the front though.


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