On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 08:46:24AM -0700, Larry Wall wrote:
: No special {FOO} subscripts, so the question doesn't arise.  To the
: symbol table all blocks are stored as Foo<&bar>, presumably with
: extra canonicalized key info for "long" names.

Actually, we might well omit the '&' on Code objects for better
interoperability with other languages, unless we name mangle it.
(Might need to name-mangle the key of Foo<::Bar> in any event,
so maybe Foo<&bar> isn't any different in that respect when other
languages want to look up the .bar method.  Come to think of it,
Perl 6 usually wants to look it up without the & too.  :-)

If for some reason we decided to allow a sub and a method of the same
name, I suppose we could make them Foo<&bar> and Foo<.bar>.  But for now
we've got subs and/or methods in the same namespace.


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