On Sep 7, 2005, at 11:46 AM, Larry Wall wrote:
: I base this off the AUTO* hooks described in
: S10. I assume too that the METH slot is only valid for Classes, and not
: appropriate for Packages and Modules.

All those entries are based on the notion of intuiting from the first
character of the variable name within the symbol table, not from having
separate typeglobbish slots within each symbol.

How do I differentiate a method from a sub? Wouldn't they both have the & sigil?

:   class Foo;
:   has $.baz;
:   method bar { ... }
: Can I get to $.baz? If I can, what will I get?

All sigils and twigils are part of the key to the symbol table, so it's
now just


What would Foo<$.baz> return though (assuming Foo is a class)? It cannot return a value since it is an instance specific value. Should it return some kind of meta-object? Or possibly the default value specified (if one is specified)? Can this value be written too? If so, how does that affect things?

Also would/should this work:


As a means of breaking the opaque instance data structure. (I for one, vote no on that).

- Stevan

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