quick questions:

    my $pair = (a => 42);
    say ~$pair;  # "a\t42"? "a\t42\n"? "a 42"?
    say +$pair;  # 0 (pairs aren't numbers)?
                 # 42?
                 # 0 ("a" is not a number)?
                 # 0 (~$pair can't be used as a number)?
    say ?$pair;  # true (because 42 is true)?
                 # true (because pairs are always true)?

FWIW, I'd opt for ~$pair to be "a\t42", +$pair to be +(~$pair) [1],
and ?$pair to be always true.


[1] The numification of match objects used to *not* be the numification
    of their stringification, causing confusion, see

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