HaloO Carl,

you wrote:
TSa: Prefers to rely on lazy evaluation, and says both tounge-in-cheek
and philosophically that if I don't want to care about some elements,
I should do so, and let Perl6 optimize. Proposes several ways of not
giving a name to a variable.

This hits home. And I did at no point impute carelessness on your part
---unless of course if you don't want to, err? ... care!
Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

Hm. For the time being I will assume that this functionality is not
sufficiently wanted to deserve its own syntax. But I must admit I'm
actually starting to like "_" in subroutine signatures... not sure if
it works well with positionals and the like, however.

And could easily give a type markup with sigils and get $_, &_, @_ and %_ ignored. I here $Yoda speak "funny that is" :)
$TSa.greeting := "HaloO"; # mind the echo!

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