TSa skribis 2005-09-23 15:42 (+0200):
>   1) the circumfix operator " " has an arity >= 1

I think it's parsed, not having specific arity.

>   We have:  "foo" ~ $bar
>   I see: a juxtaposition of two operators and an item,
>          all three separated by whitespace

I can only hope you mean two items and one operator.

> At that point I start to wonder: "What do I know about these three things?"

> >"foo$bar"? And what context does "foo{ $bar }" use?
> We have: "foo$bar"
> I see: a single invocation of operator " " with a string and an item.

I see a shorter way to write "foo" ~ $bar, as implemented by the
circumfix "" operator.

> $TSa.greeting := "HaloO"; # mind the echo!

echo off


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