On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 08:29:07PM +0300, Yuval Kogman wrote:
: Is there any situation where a compile time error is not a good
: thing to have?

Sure, when it slows down your compiler so much that it's useless for
running code that doesn't have the error, especially if it's a rare
error that is likely to be caught some other way anyway.  Where to
balance this should be the decision of the user, particularly since
the balance point changes over time and space.

It's also potentially counterproductive if the information available
at compile time leads to confusingly abstract error messages when
run-time information might produced clearer concrete error messages.
When I use the term "confusing", I do so in the Pooh sense.  I'm trying
to think of what will be confusing to ordinary folks, not to geniuses
like you.  I'd love to be proven wrong, but I strongly suspect that
most type-inferencing error messages will be complete gibberish
to commonfolk.


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