> HaloO,
> The Perl 6 Summarizer wrote:
>> Meanwhile, in perl6-language
>>   "\(...)"
>>     Oh look, a thread in p6l that's still going more than a fortnight later.
>>     How unusual.
> Is a long running thread considered a bad thing on this list?

Nah, it's just hard to summarise.

> I have grasped so far, that spawning a new thread after
> some divergence from the original topic is considered nice.


>> This particular instance of the form is nominally about the
>>     behaviour of "\($a, $b)" but various subthreads have drifted onto
>>     discussions of context in general and meaningful whitespace. So far
>>     there has been no discussion of the return value of
>>     "Pin.head.contents.grep -> Angel $a {$a.is_dancing}" but I'm sure it's
>>     only a matter of time.
> Please tell me if the particular pinhead is me. I'm actually about to reply
> to Juerds question about my ranting about code backing the interpolation
> of data into strings. Or is that considered counter productive
> hairsplitting?

Just a reference to the old philosophical question of how many angels can dance
on the head of a pin. That and the fact that I occasionally get curmudgeonly
and hit the send button before I have second thoughts.

The weird thing is that the syntax I rolled there is soon to be the topic of an
original thread, once I've got the thing written up a little more.

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