TSa schreef:

> Yes, I'm also all for unifying the concepts. But please
> don't let us call it exception. Exception should be a
> termination oriented (sub)concept. Some kind of scoped giving
> up. [...]
> In lack of a better word I use Event and we get
> Event::Exception, Event::Control, Event::Warn and
> possibly Event::Hint, Event::Log and Event::Fun :)
> The only drawback of choosing 'Event' might be that it
> smells too GUIish for some? Or is that a feature? That is
> we get Event::GUI::press, Event::GUI::scroll, Event::GUI::expose,
> etc.

FSM etc.

Running Perl code can be seen as an ATN (an FSM on steroids, says

An exception-handler can be allowed to pop more states than it is good

Grtz, Ruud

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