Dave Whipp skribis 2005-10-06  9:57 (-0700):
> Given that my idea about using optional binding for look-ahead didn't 
> fly, maybe it would work here, instead:
>   @a Y @b ->  $a,  $b { ... } # stop at end of shortest
>   @a Y @b ->  $a, ?$b { ... } # keep going until @a is exhaused
>   @a Y @b -> ?$a, ?$b { ... } # keep going until both are exhaused
> I think we still need a way to determine if an optional arg is bound. 
> Can the C<exists> function be used for that ("if exists $b {...}")?

Y isn't something that is specific to for loops, or to sub invocation,
so this cannot be a solution.

Also remember that Y creates a single flattened list by definition, and
that the given sub's arity determines how many items of that list are

It's perfectly legal and possibly even useful to say

    for @foo, @bar, @baz -> $quux, $xyzzy { ... }

And even though
    for @foo Y @bar Y @baz -> $quux, $xyzzy { ... }

is something you will probably not see very often, it's still legal
Perl, even though it looks asymmetric. This too makes finding the
solution in arguments a non-solution.


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