Miroslav Silovic skribis 2005-10-10 15:04 (+0200):
> >>Under the proposal, the only ways to pass a named argument are:
> >>1) By using a literal pair in the syntactic top-level of the arg list
> >>2) By splatting a pair, hash, or arg-list-object
> >I find this counterintuitive, and also want arrays to be included in
> How would you splat an array of pairs if you want to preserve the pairs?

By adding parens, because by this proposal (if I read it correctly),
only pairs on the topmost level of arguments (not in any parens) are
parsed as named arguments.

    foo(([EMAIL PROTECTED]));
    foo ([EMAIL PROTECTED]);

This doesn't allow for combining named and positional pairs. I do not
think that is necessary at all, for arrays. I think that combining
the two on the same level is a recipe for disaster anyway, and should
perhaps even emit a warning.


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