Okay, I seriously have to see an example of a submethod in use.  BUILD
etc. don't count.  Why?  Because:

    class Foo {
        method BUILD () { say "foo" }
    class Bar is Foo {
        submethod BUILD () { say "bar" }
    class Baz is Bar { }

    Foo.new;   # foo
    Bar.new;   # foo bar
    Baz.new;  # foo bar

If the submethod property of BUILD were actually doing anything, then
we should expect it to read like this:

    Foo.new;   # foo
    Bar.new;   # bar
    Baz.new;  # foo

So I don't see how the constructor is a submethod[1].  And I can't
come up with any examples of where I would want to use a submethod. 
Can someone else?


[1] Yes, yes, I understand that .new is calling BUILDALL, which is
then calling the BUILDs individually.  I'm saying that the fact that
BUILD is a submethod isn't changing anything one bit.

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