Good idea. A fat new O'reilly tome will go some way to capturing mind share
for perl6. Gathering ideas wiki-style is also very Web2.0. Perhaps perl6
could be marketed as such, what with the development style - "Perl6, the
first Web2.0 programming language".

In any case, if the book comes out around the same time Perl 6.0.0 comes out
there's still plenty of time ;-)

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005 22:11:18 +0200 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I'd like to start by saying "DON'T PANIC! I'm not going to write a
> book on Perl 6" ;-)
> Luckily we have people with much more enlish-fu,
> structured-thought-fu, and general get-it-done-fu... Now let's talk
> a bit about them:
> Today Geoff Broadwell raised a book idea for discussion on #perl6.
> The result was this wiki page:
> Essentially Geoff's idea was that the book will come out around the
> same time as Perl 6.0.0, and will be the guide for perl 5
> programmers looking to swallow the Perl 6 pill as easily as
> possible.
> The wiki page illustrates how we think it will be structured, and
> how we think it should be written.
> Please post feedback and criticism on the list, #perl6 or the wiki
> page.
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