On 10/14/05, Markus Laire <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Perl does have CPAN, but the problem is that there are no standard
> modules, and so there can be several modules doing the same thing.

And what is the problem with that?

For example, some of the modules for graphics you get to choose from
are wxPerl, Tk, SDL.  Each of these has its strengths and weaknesses,
so you may have one project where Tk is the right thing (perhaps a
graphical debugger), and another where SDL is the right thing (a game
of some sort), etc.  A standard library has to be able to do
everything, which usually means that it won't be good at anything. 
That is, unless we put as much effort into designing it as we have
into Perl 6, which is not going to happen.  Plus, people have already
done that, and put the results into modules like wxPerl, Tk and SDL.

> Could it be possible to create a "Standard library" for perl6, which
> would also include graphical primitives (putpixel, getpixel,
> getcolordepth, putimage, getimage, copyrectangle)?

With what underlying library?  There are many ways to access the
screen.  If we stick to one way, we'll be as portable as QBasic.

But more importantly, we're trying to stay away from that word
"standard".  When you wish for a standard library, you're wishing that
something get done.  In open source projects, the best way to ensure
that something get done is to do it.  So go write a graphics library,
and then we'll see about making it standard.

The other thing we've learned about "standard", is that we're making
an early commitment, which is probably a crappy commitment.  If you
provide nothing, that is forcing the CPAN community to come up with
one  (probably more than one).  And all of those will probably be
better than one that we come up with: I don't see too many graphics
efficianados around p6l.

The other other thing we've learned about "standard" is that if there
is a decent standard library, then vendors don't care about installing
any modules.  So the plan for perl 6 is to provide little or no
standard library so that vendors will be forced to install a decent
set of modules (maybe Bundle::Standard... oops, there's that word


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