Brent 'Dax' Royal-Gordon skribis 2005-10-20 21:42 (-0700):
> @   Array sigil             Array sigil
> $   Scalar sigil            Scalar sigil
> %   Hash sigil              Hash sigil, modulo

In non-term, it's not a sigil. There cannot be two subsequent terms.

This is why it makes no sense to want sigils to be free in infix/op
position, and why % and ^ would work well (without ambiguity) as sigils. 

> ^   (Not sure)              one() junction

^ is available in prefix/term

> (   Open paren              Subroutine call

open paren: grouping. The paren is the glyph, not its function.

Also, for the subcall to work, it's not all possible infix/op, but only
postix with no whitespace in between. Same for other .[] where [] is any
set of brackets, and the dot is implied.

> {   Block                   Hash index


> <   quote words             Less than

Also, hash subscript.

> There are very few unary operators available, and none (besides the
> user-defined backticks operator) unused in both term and operator
> context.

But that isn't necessary. It's not as if % used in two ways is new, and
was already overstepping a boundary. It's perfectly normal to have one
glyph do very different things according to how/where it's used.


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