TSa skribis 2005-10-21 18:54 (+0200):
> My 2¢ is that we should reap ^ from the one junction and promote it to
> become the 'runtime type information carrier' sigil---like the wings
> on the feet of Hermes/Mercury :)

It is not necessary (or sane, but that's an opinion) to reap it from the
junction, because that's in infix/op position, while sigils are in
prefix/term position.

In Perl 5:

- % is a sigil and an infix operator

- * is a sigil and an infix operator

- & is a sigil and an infix operator

I do not see why $ and @ couldn't be both a sigil and an infix
operator, and the same goes for whatever ASCII equivalent ¢ gets.

^ and | are available for sigil use. (All the closing brackets are too,
but that would be very confusing because we tend to visually parse those
in pairs.)

Using the an infix operator's symbol as a sigil is not weird, not wrong,
not confusing and mostly: not a new idea.


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