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Reducing line noise isn't my goal, though. I feel that the implicit
defaulting to $_ makes Perl a more natural and elegant language, and
would like this principle being extended to these operators.

Indeed, both the implicit defaulting to $_ AND the availability of $_ itself. Which occasionally makes me desire even more pronouns. After all in a natural language like English we have 'it', 'them', 'we', etc... now it's obvious that

(i) we can't hope nor desire a full correspondence,
(ii) there _already_ are some analogues of _some_ of the above, but
     somewhat more limited in usefulness wrt $_.

Now, one that I've sometimes desired is a "two level" $_, i.e. a variable, say, $__ referring to the _second next_ enclosing lexical scope. I am aware that in this vein one may ask a third analogue and so on, but let's face it: $_ already covers 95% of cases, my hypothetical var would cover I guess a remaining 4.5% of cases, and who cares for the rest? E.g.:

for @vert {
  put_point $_, $__ for @horiz;

Note: I am aware that P6 will already provide other ways to do it, but this is not in contrast with Perl's TMTOWTDI-ness. I expect it to be useful enough in nested {map,grep}'s.

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