On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 17:12 -0700, Nate Wiger wrote:

> If Perl 6 is going to be successful, this means it must change the
> fewest key things with the most benefits.

I think there's an assumption here that not only do I not hold but I do
not even understand.

Suppose that I am a game developer with a small, very devoted and vocal
group of fans.  I interact with them regularly through IRC, message
boards, and occasionally even private e-mail.

I decide to create a new game and start to do some market research.
Obviously I ask my core group of fans what they want.  They oblige: more
of everything they loved from previous games, harder difficulties, more
in-jokes, and all of the new features they've always wanted in my
previous games.

I listen to them and write the game that my core fans want and, if I'm
really surprisingly amazingly lucky, other people want it too and it's a

More likely, it sells a few copies outside of my fanbase and I learn a
painful lesson:  there are more people you are not currently reaching
than you are currently reaching.

It's worth keeping them in mind.

-- c

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