On Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 02:29:36PM -0400, Stevan Little wrote:
> I should be allowed to create a role with all sorts of conflicts which
> I leave for the classes to deal with.

Er, why? I've read this sentence several times and I'm really having
trouble grasping why anyone would deliberately create a conflicted role
and want to postpone the conflict resolution until later. It seems to me
that conflicts should be resolved sooner rather than later. Especially
in the light of run-time composition:

role A { method foo { ... } ... }
role B { method foo { ... } ... }
role C does B does A { ... }
my Dog $spot; 
$spot does C;

Would you rather wait until perl is actually executing that last line
of code before finding out there's a conflict or would you rather know
there's a conflict at compile-time (when C is immediately composed of
A and B)?

Yes, I realize that Perl6 already has the "problem" that run-time
composition could cause conflicts, but I want to have a slightly
smaller chance of running into it :)

Jonathan Scott Duff

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