> I think 'subset' might be a nicer colour for this bikeshed.  For an
> extra three characters you lose the confusion with "to set", and it
> highlights the fact that you're (usually) declaring a *constrained*
> subset of the original type.
> Stuart
Ehh.  By that definition arn't all sets subsets?  Anyway I didn't see
any confusion with "to set" at all.  subset confused me quite a bit
though.  Besides it might not be a sub set at all.

set types <full half quarter jumbo automatic>;

You could call that a subset of words, but i think this has extra clarity over:

subset types <full half quarter jumbo automatic>;

First thing i think when seeing that is...subset of what? where is the
larger set defined?  Of course I have no knowledge of set theory at
all, just a humble programming giving his input.

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