Greetings to everyone. I'm wondering about the => operator, which
still "autoquotes" its first arguement if it's bare, a la barewords.
Synopsis 1 says:

But => still autoquotes any bare identifier to its immediate left
(horizontal whitespace allowed but not comments). The identifier is
not subject to keyword or even macro interpretation. If you say:
    $x = do {
           if => 1;
then $x ends up containing the pair ("if" => 1). Always. (Unlike in
Perl 5, where version numbers didn't autoquote.)

[end quote]

But what does that mean for =>'s signature? What type would be its
first parameter? Would you call it "&infix:{'=>'}:(Bareword | Any,
Any)" or something like that? And in any case, would you be able to
use this autoquoting in or as a sub, operator, type, etc.?

Joshua Choi

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