Juerd wrote:
> The next thing I thought was: hey, argument *passing* is actually
> *binding* to variables in the sub, so why not use the := operator?
> That works very well, because binding as an expression makes no sense
> anyway, it being a language thing. And luckily, named arguments are
> also a language thing, so that works out:

I disagree about binding only being a language thing:

    # Happened to me in Perl 5 today
    sub foo ($long_parameter_name) {
        return 42
            if (my $short := $long_parameter_name) == $specialcase;
        ...usual processing with $short...

    push @foo, (my $head := pop @grtz);

    (my $alias := $long_name).grtz();
    # etc.

(Unless of course, you consider this to be obfuscation.)


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