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> Rob Kinyon skribis 2006-01-19 16:10 (-0500):
> > There are no references in Perl6.
> I have to admit, though, that I've never seen this statement, or
> anything implying it. It's entirely new to me.
> Is your Perl the same as that of other people on this list? :)

There are no references in Perl6 in the way Perl5 conceives of references.

> Perl still has non-object types. They may represent objects internally,
> but they work differently from what we've historically been calling
> objects. Especially in assignment, the differences are huge, because an
> object is considered a reference, while "real" scalars, arrays and
> hashes evaluate to (a list of) their values, or a useful representation
> (like the number of elements) when used in non-OO fashion.

No. Objects are *NOT* considered references in most languages other
than Perl5. Even in C++, the least OO language that could be
considered OO, you can have non-reference objects.

I'd say "learn Ruby to know what OO is", but I happen to know you
already know a nearly-pure OO language - Javascript. Every single
'thing' in JS is an object - you can hang methods off of a string
literal or a number. Most objects in JS aren't references.

> > &bless was a brilliant idea for Perl5. It's wrong for Perl6.
> I think it's needed to be able to convert Perl 5 code
> semi-automatically.
> But you have probably thought about this more than I, so I'll ask you:
> what's the alternative?

Well, there's two scenarios - you either run your P5 code using Ponie
or you attempt to use Larry's "Wondrous Machine of Translation".

Me, I choose the former. Now, I don't worry about how objects are
mediated between languages - Ponie and Parrot have to do that for me.
And, before you start worrying, this is a feature that was planned
into Parrot from Day 1. Ruby and Python and Perl6 all have to
interoperate, including inheritance from each others' classes. Perl5
<-> Perl6 will be no different.

But, if you must use the WMoT, then I suspect the following will happen:
    1) The WMoT notices your use of &bless and marks that package as a
class and that method as a constructor.
    2) It creates a Perl6 class for your use, noting the accesses into
the Perl5 reference that you used and calling those attributes.
    3) It then creates your BUILD() method, putting all the non-bless
components of your new() into it.

That's it. No &bless in Perl6 needed.


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