On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 08:59:35 +0800, Audrey Tang wrote:
> On 2/8/06, Yuval Kogman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > If Audrey is willing, I think a correct new direction for pugs is to
> > try and separate the parts even more - the prelude is a mess right
> > now, many of it's part are duplicated across the backends, the
> > standard library that is mashed into the prelude, and into pugs core
> > itself, etc.
> Er, of course I'm willing, that was exactly we've been moving toward
> in the recent weeks. :-)
> Though an explicit Standard Library design -- as compared to Perl5's which was
> grown out gradually by the porters and CPAN folks -- is tricky, and I'm not
> yet ready for that, lacking a practical understanding of how module interfaces
> and roles can be applied to this diverse design space.

By standard library is i don't mean core modules - it's Perl 6's
perlfunc + some really critical pieces.

> So I will be focusing on Prelude (the part of the language that always gets
> loaded by default) refactoring as well as providing an OO core calculus that 
> can
> support this, and take advantage of the target VM's vast library instead of
> writing them in Perl 6, at least up until 6.2831 (the primary target
> VM is Perl 5,
> then Parrot, then JavaScript.)

Aye =)

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