Mark Overmeer wrote:

Looking very much forward to it... as you know.

But don't you think that the term "comment" is too general?  The comment
text has a purpose, for instance
  - comment to explain code
  - comment for future implementation ideas
  - references to design documents
  - etc etc

That's why the general Perl 6 Pod syntax allows any block construct to be labelled:

    =begin comment (explanation)
    The devil made me write this code
    =end comment

    =begin comment (future implementation)
    Add a :devil option
    =end comment

    =begin comment (design)
    =end comment

    =begin comment (etc. etc.)
    =end comment


PS: I'll have a draft of S26 for this list to pore over after Ingy and I
    work on it at YAPC::Tokyo in just over a week's time.

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