* Gabor Szabo ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [060326 19:26]:
> On 3/26/06, Mark Overmeer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > LIST = chmod MODE, LIST
> >
> > My feeling is that this function design is a bit of a mistake.  Usually,
> > one perl function maps on one operating-system function, but in this case
> > it doesn't: it simulated the common chmod(1) user command.
> If we look at Perl just as a high-level language than you might be right,
> and I really liked the object being returned idea, but I think Perl should
> also keep serving the system administrators with much simpler needs.

  "Simple tasks must be simple, and complex ones must be possible"

Once upon a time, handling file(name)s was simple.  But not anymore:
os-specifics and character-sets are a pain.  One of Perl's targets is
to be platform independent: with only a few letters more you can
achieve that wrt file- and directory handling.

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