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  a> Author: autrijus
  a> Date: Sat Apr  1 20:10:15 2006
  a> New Revision: 8532

  a> Modified:
  a>    doc/trunk/design/syn/S02.pod

  a> Log:

  a> * upper/lowercase English nit fix for the last patch as suggested
  a> by TimToady

you might as well attribute the s:g/Into/into/ to dr. ruud. all timtoady
did was correct dr. ruud's p5 s///g into p6's s:g///. if we are going to
pick nits this small, then the tiny amount of credit is worth bestowing
upon the correct contributor. :)

one of these days when i have tuits of large circumference, i will do a
nit pass over as much of the A/E/S as i can handle before my brain
explodes. having done tech editing for perl books is good training for
this. in fact it would be a good idea to have several such passes by
those with editing skill before those docs are 'released'. some of the
concepts are so new to so many and are bleeding edge that the wording
used has to be extra clean of nits and such stuff as dangling pronouns
and other common flaws of technical writing.

speaking of bleeding edge? what do you call the opposite of that?

<spoiler space>

the coagulated edge.


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