"Sage La Torra" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I've got a design document detailing the first few translations I'll be
handling, and I'd greatly appreciate feedback and advice.

I may be off base here, or in the alternate pointing out a corner case that's of little significance, but:

-Compound statements: if($foo eq "a" or $foo eq "b" or $foo eq "c") {...} -> if $foo eq "a"|"b"|"c" {...}

Is there an issue if $foo is tied here, in that (unless the a or b condition match) $foo will be evaluated three times; for testing against a junction is it feasible that the compiler can say "aha, I'll only evaluate $foo once and test it three times"? Reading $foo may have some real world visible effects and the semantics would change. The P6 spec may nail this down, but I haven't time to go look (and I'll surely not have time before I forgot this thought completely...)

That's all I can pick out from the quick glance I have time for. Have fun! :-)


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