Sage La Torra wrote:

>Hello all,
>I'm the student picking up on the translation work lwall started. Since the
>perl 5 parser is more or less complete, I've headed straight to the
>translation work. I'm going to be taking on the translations a few at a
>time, starting with the easiest translations and moving to the more complex.
>I've got a design document detailing the first few translations I'll be
>handling, and I'd greatly appreciate feedback and advice. Larry already took
>a good crack at it, catching a few things I had stupidly thought were
>simpler then they are, and now it's ready for general review.
>The current version can be found at
>Any advice/comments/criticism on the document and even ideas on
>implementation would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like a reasonable starting point.

I assume that the "AST" will include comment nodes etc?


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