It seems that sprintf is will still be around in Perl 6 [1],
and that sprintf formats will be available using the .as() method.
While looking at some Python docs [2] I noticed two things that might
be worth stealing; a sprintf operator (%) and named parameters in the format string:

a = '%(lang)s has %(c)03d quote types.' % {'c':2, 'lang':'Python}

(This example made me laugh)

Since perl6 has named parameters, pairs and slurpy hashes, I think
sprintf should be taught to use them.  Syntax is an exercise for the
reader.  (Unifying the '%2$d' with the named syntax would be nice..)

The operator need is less clear cut.  Overloading '%' certainly wouldn't
make sense in Perl 6 and the presence of .as() may cover the common cases.

Some alternatives are idiomatic combinations of interpolation and .as(),
Perl6::Form forms, and custom quote operators/adverbs.

So, any takers?


[1] http://dev.perl.org/perl6/doc/design/exe/E07.html
[2] http://www.python.org/doc/QuickRef.html#BasicTypes
   Search for: "Format operator"
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