On Jul 05, 2006, at 01:25 , Larry Wall wrote:
What made me laugh is that Pugs knows the exact value of infinity:

pugs> my $a = {"$^lang has $^c.as('%03d') quote types."}(:c (Inf),:lang<Perl>) "Perl has 1797693134862315907729305190789024733617976978942306572734300811577326 7580550096313270847732240753602112011387987139335765878976881441662249 2847430639474124377767893424865485276302219601246094119453082952085005 7688381506823424628814739131105408272371633505106845862982399472459384 79716304835356329624224137216 quote types."

Larry, you almost wrecked my MacBook Pro with the coffee I was sipping :)

I think I found the reason why Pugs knows the exact value of infinity. That's GHC that tells pugs the exact value thereof.

This is Infinity according to Pugs.

    doCast (VStr "Inf") = return $ 1/0

And this is what GHC thinks what Infinity is.

Prelude> 2^1023 == 1/0
Prelude> 2^1024 == 1/0

Dan the Pugs Walker

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