On 8/17/06, Reed, Mark (TBS) wrote:
S03, lines 418-420:  "[cmp] always returns C<Order::Increase>,
C<Order::Same>, or C<Order::Decrease> (which numerify to -1, 0, or +1)."

Shouldn't Order::Increase numerify to +1 and Order::Decrease to -1?  In
which case it would be clearer to put them in respective order above...

Maybe you could view it either way, although I think going the other way around would make more sense only if the names were Order::Lower, ::Same, ::Higher. S03 matches the old cmp semantics in that "3<=>4" returns -1, which represents increasing order because reading left-to-right, we go from 3 up to 4.

However, what I'm wondering is whether Order::Same is "but true" and the others "but false"? (Which makes cmp in boolean context the same as eqv, but it seems to make sense that way.)


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