"Carl Mäsak" schreef:
> Ruud:
>> Carl:

>>> But maybe a variable that implicitly carries along the loop index
>>> would be even snazzier?
>>> for @array -> $val {
>>>   say "$.\t$val";
>>> }
>> Or give the block a name (label), and have an index (or several
>> indexes, like some that are reset by redo an some that are not)
>> available, attached to that name.
> That sounds like an interesting idea. Do you have a short snippet to
> hint of what that would look like?

Maybe something like:

  for @array -> $val
     say for.ix, "\t$val";

  for @array -> $val NAME1:
     say NAME1.ix, "\t$val";

Affijn, Ruud

"Gewoon is een tijger."

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