On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 08:59:51AM -0700, David Brunton wrote:
: Hi all,
: There is currently a mismatch between S12 and Pugs.  The former specifies 
$obj.META, the latter has implemented $obj.meta.

.META is more correct at the moment.

: Is there any reason I shouldn't change the tests from meta to META, make the 
corresponding changes in Pugs.Prim, and then fix any other examples or modules 
it broke?
: Am I missing anything else?

Only that I'm thinking of renaming all the meta-ish methods to use
interrogative pronouns:

    .META       ->      .HOW
    .SKID       ->      .WHO
    .PKG        ->      .WHAT
    .VAR        ->      .WHERE

or some such.  Not sure what .WHEN or .WHY would mean offhand...

Another possible scheme is to keep .META and have .WHO, .WHAT, etc. default
to .META.WHO, .META.WHAT, etc.  (Delegated by Object, presumably.)  Not sure
if the added flexibility of allowing override of bare .WHO etc. buys us
anything though.

Also, arguably VAR() is in a different category entirely.  In which case
.WHERE might be the full package name, and .WHAT the short name.


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