Larry Wall wrote:
> : There is currently a mismatch between S12 and Pugs.  The former specifies 
> $obj.META, the latter has implemented $obj.meta.
> .META is more correct at the moment.

Does making it all upper caps really help? It's still a pollution of the
method space, any way that you look at it...

What about this form:

#<meta> $o.?meta
#<ref> $o.?type
#<var> $o.?var
#<id> $o.?id

> Only that I'm thinking of renaming all the meta-ish methods to use
> interrogative pronouns:
>     .META     ->      .HOW
>     .SKID     ->      .WHO
>     .PKG      ->      .WHAT
>     .VAR      ->      .WHERE

Oo-er. Well, you're the linguist ;)


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