Darren Duncan wrote:
Following from this, I propose that we have distinct-looking
operators (not just multis) that users can explicitly choose when
they want to do integer division/modulus or non-integer

I don't know if the following constitutes a problem or not; but the
one other instance that I know of where there were type-specific
versions of a common operator was the string equality vs. numeric
equality.  Note that in that case, we ended up with a third "generic
equality" operator, for cases where auto-coercing the terms beforehand
would kill vital information (such as whether the two terms were, in
fact, of different types...).

With that in mind, should we be thinking of operator triplets here as
well?  Namely, integer division (coerce to Int, then divide), rational
division (coerce to Num, then divide), and generic division (no
coercion; use MMD to resolve)?

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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