TSa writes:

> Looks like we need a host of division function pairs:
>   fdiv fmod    flooring division
>   ediv emod    euclidean division
>   rdiv rmod    rounding division
>   tdiv tmod    truncating division
>   cdiv cmod    ceiling division

That depends on exactly what you mean by "we" and "need".

I think it would be terrible to that many div and mod functions as a
core part of the Perl language.  Most people would rarely use any of
them, and merely having them there at all slightly raises the barrier of
entry to Perl, making the documentation just a little bit fatter.

By all means have them available as modules.  Presumably people who need
this stuff in Perl 5 have already created Cpan modules providing them,
and the same will happen in Perl 6.


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